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Benefits of having GPS vehicle tracker

Operational Costs

  • Control maintenance tasks and costs
  • Reduce your fuel bill
  • Detect every route deviation
  • Eliminate unapproved or extended journeys
  • Understand the true cost of your vehicle

Safety and Security

  • Lower risk of accidents
  • Compliance of standards
  • Faster emergency response time
  • Preventing hijacking and theft
  • Emergency alerts and reports


  • On-time delivery reports
  • Shorter loading and unloading time
  • Detecting route deviation
  • Decreased manpower cost and overtime
  • Eliminate unapproved or extended journeys


  • Real-time reports and alerts
  • Vehicle location history
  • Alerts movements outside working hours
  • Reduce “where are you” phone calls
  • Your vehicles are always monitored


  • Create efficiency and maximize uptime
  • Get complete fleet operations reports
  • Eliminate unapproved or extended journeys
  • Prevent pilferage and theft
  • Eliminate false timesheet claims


  • Shorter loading and unloading time
  • Complete delivery history
  • See all of your vehicle assignments
  • Predict arrival times or delays
  • Reduce overtime

You need GPS vehicle tracking solution if you face the following…

Ø High fuel costs

Ø Drivers always late

Ø Suspicious side trips

Ø Deliveries not arriving on time

Ø Suspicious use of vehicle

Ø High vehicle maintenance costs

Ø Excuse always “trapic”

Ø Unnecessary stops

Ø Persistent reckless driving

Ø Suspicion of over-speeding

GPS vehicle tracking improves your company and your business?

GPS vehicle tracking technology makes it easier to manage a fleet of vehicles effectively. It provides managers with a diverse range of information from the real-time location and status of individual vehicles to monitoring locations, schedules, fuel usage, driver performance etc..

GPS vehicle tracking can help to significantly cut fuel and maintenance costs through more effective route planning, optimise vehicle use, increase business productivity, improve driver behaviour and also potentially reduce insurance premiums.

Additionally, these increased efficiencies can result in dramatic cost savings to your company, as well as a noticeable improvement in the lifespan of your vehicles.

Below are listed some of the key benefits that a modern fleet tracking solution can help save your company time and money:

Stop theft and waste

Theft and waste are a fleet manager’s worst enemies. GPS vehicle tracking system, coupled with mobile and desktop monitoring software provides managers with the real-time knowledge of where their property is at all times.
Geographic settings and boundaries can be set to alert managers when drivers aren’t following their predetermined routes, and keep you in the loop whenever you start to worry.

Lower maintenance costs

Power of a GPS vehicle tracking system effectively reduce maintenance costs by reviewing your stored data and acting on your findings. Companies can pinpoint wasteful routes, schedules and extending periods between maintenance by increasing route efficiency. This also results in a decrease in wear and tear on fleet vehicles.

Reduce labor costs

GPS vehicle tracking enables companies the power to create tighter schedules, eliminate unnecessary overtime work, identify key productivity trends and recognize outstanding performers. Payroll can be one of your most significant expenses, and a GPS vehicle tracking can help you realize and maximize your team’s full potential.

Lower Fuel Costs

The cost of fuel is on the rise also in the Philippines. Unmonitored trucking fleets can lead to inefficient fuel consumption, which wastes this valuable resource and increases operating expenses. Additionally, poor driving habits and inefficient routes can increase your fuel use and lead to premature vehicle failures.
Good and reliable GPS vehicle tracking system addresses these issues head on and in real time. As an added benefit, fleet tracking systems enable managers to improve routing and reduce idle times, further improving fuel efficiency.

Improve Safety

Safety is everyone’s primary concern also in business, especially with fleets comprised of hundreds of valuable vehicles and cargo. GPS vehicle tracking helps companies implement measures to improve overall driver and cargo protection. It provides the ability to monitor speed, correct inappropriate driver behaviour and avoid missing a scheduled maintenance checks.

Suitable GPS vehicle and fleet tracking systems vary between different companies in different industries in the Philippines. Depending on the size, companies may want to focus attention on reducing fuel bills, or they may want to plan routes and keep in touch with drivers more frequently. Either way, a lot of thought should be put into why a business will adopt a GPS fleet tracking system, and where it can offer the most value.

It’s also inevitable that when a business expands requirements change. Choosing a GPS vehicle tracking provider that’s flexible, customized to specific requirements, and one with a good standard of local customer and technical support should be a priority.

Use always original GPS trackers

When buying GPS vehicle tracker in the Philippines, make sure that the GPS device you are buying are original and not cheap copies. Unfortunately many GPS trackers in the Philippines are not original and are ‘clones’ or copies of the original product.

Always check that the GPS vehicle tracker is National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) accredited before buying. The best way to avoid buying a counterfeit or copied GPS vehicle tracker, is to get it from a long established and trusted company that is specialized for GPS tracking business.