Geckram Inc. starts produce global landmarks for Tramigo – Finnish GPS/GSM vehicle tracking device manufacturer.

Geckram begins manufacturing global landmarks for Tramigo, whose business has been based on local landmarks from the beginning. Especially in emerging countries, cornerstone of Tramigo’s success has based on use of local landmarks. Tramigo has branded the local landmarks that are used on its own devices (now made by Geckram) as TLD – Tramigo Landmark Data.

Geckram has over two decades of experience in global landmark production together being as a subcontractor for the landmark pioneering company Gecko Landmarks of Finland. Geckram has also utilized its landmark expertise in the Philippines where it maintains a nationwide landmark database that is utilized in its own GPS vehicle track products such as the Geckram G-Track.

TLD – Tramigo Landmark Data

Tramigo turns difficult coordinates and complicated maps into language that everybody anywhere can read and understand – Landmarks are common geographical language that everyone is able to speak and understand anywhere in the world.

Instant Location Understanding

Every Tramigo includes built-in Tramigo Landmarks, which help users locate their Tramigo by utilizing practical and easy-to-understand local landmarks. A Tramigo user does not need to understand or study complicated maps and coordinates, just local landmarks. Tramigo landmarks are updated several times per year and are available for every country in the world.

Everybody Understands TLD Landmarks

Since most people understand local landmarks better than traditional and complex maps, Tramigo landmarks make usage of tracking so easy and fast that anybody, anywhere in the world, can really benefit and enjoy using Tramigo tracking device. TLD includes commonly known local landmarks that are carefully selected and updated to provide the best possible local understanding for Tramigo use.

Landmarks vs. Street Mapping

Some tracking devices use street mapping and claim that by getting the exact street address, for example “87 Brompton Rd”, you’ll get a more accurate description of your device location. Not only does this require you to connect to a remote server to reference the data (once again, it won’t work without Internet) it ignores the fact that you probably don’t work at the post office and don’t communicate places by their street numbering in everyday life.

Tramigo Landmarks Work Where Maps Don’t

Because Tramigo Landmarks are preloaded and sent direct from your device, you’ll be able to understand the location of your device even when you don’t have Internet access to load maps.

With Tramigo, you’ll still be able to view locations on top of maps but won’t be dependent on them. We created Tramigo Landmarks so you don’t have to zoom in and out of maps on small mobile device screens or lose track of your valued assets just because you lost connection.

We are a multinational company with our headquarters and home in Finland. Our sales, support and R&D offices are located in our main markets. We are pioneers and brand builders, a team of highly innovative and persistent entrepreneurs aiming to change the tracking industry and create the first global consumer brand in the tracking product and telematics business. To achieve our goal we create the best hardware and software solutions which consumers experience as easy to use, high value for money, reliable and intelligent.

Our roots are in the emerging high growth markets such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. The cornerstone of our competitiveness is TLD landmarks, our own mapping standard that makes a totally new tracking experience possible with maximized user friendliness, reliability and efficiency. Visual mapping such as Google Maps was not created for the tracking business – try our unique Tramigo experience with TLD landmarks today and realize the new era of tracking! 

Geckram Technologies is a leading provider of GPS tracking technology in the Philippines. Since 2009, Geckram Technologies has provided the best possible GPS vehicle trackers and services for all private and business GPS tracking needs.

Geckram Technologies is more than just a GPS tracking solution provider. It is a trusted partner for our customers. Geckram is known for its highly professional sales and technical support. This guarantees the best possible functionality, safety, investment value and user experience. We never leave our customers without assistance and support.

Geckram Technologies is constantly developing better GPS tracking innovations, solutions and services that are ideal for the local conditions and needs.