Geckram Technologies brings Teltonika to the Philippines

Geckram Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Teltonika, one of Europe’s well-established GPS tracking equipment manufacturers.

Geckram Technologies has signed a nationwide distribution and support agreement with the Lithuanian manufacturer of Teltonika for introducing new GPS/GSM fleet management products to the Philippines.

Geckram Technologies expands its range of the best possible GPS vehicle trackers in order to provide the latest GPS vehicle tracking technology in the Philippines. Teltonika and Geckram Technologies, with their own strengths, complement each other to create  a strong package that fits perfectly for the slogan of Geckram Technologies – Get The Best!

As a partner of Geckram Technologies, Teltonika’s GPS / GPRS devices provide a modern GPS vehicle tracking solution that includes all the professional fleet management features with high level of quality that guarantees the complete protection and safety.


Ernestas Varnas, Business Development Manager, Teltonika:  We have been looking for a solid and experienced partner in the Philippines for years. Finally we have found the best possible one for us. The owners of Geckram and their experience in GPS tracking and fleet management business, in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world, is so convincing that this partnership is the best possible for our market expansion plans in Asia.

Lorna Riipinen, CEO, Geckram Technologies: We have manufactured and supplied GPS vehicle trackers already two decades, being one of most experienced name in the industry. We have always kept very high standards of selecting partners and we still do. We have known Teltonika for years and now we can proudly present their best products to the Philippine market.

We can proudly say – starting as a small company in Lithuania 21 years ago, with hard work we grew and became creators of Internet of Things. As a leading company from connected vehicles to networking solutions, which are created and manufactured in Lithuania we are setting market trends worldwide. We have the Key which enriches our values and leads to Easy IoT.

In 21 years we have launched to mass production over 100 different devices in IoT, Networking, Connected vehicles, Asset and personal Tracking areas. That makes over 8.600.000 million devices sold worldwide in over 150 different countries. Although these numbers are impressive, Teltonika is more than that – we are about innovating, inspiring, connecting, educating and reliable partnership.

By setting new trends we inspire our partners to change the world and use the most advanced technologies in the market. Connected vehicles, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, Cloud based services and many more are already here. Innovation will always be a pulse of Teltonika. Vision and passion of people working at Teltonika have created the history of our company. We are here to create it together.


Geckram Technologies is a leading provider of GPS tracking technology in the Philippines. Since 2009, Geckram Technologies has provided the best possible GPS vehicle trackers and services for all private and business GPS tracking needs.

Geckram Technologies is more than just a GPS tracking solution provider. It is a trusted partner for our customers. Geckram is known for its highly professional sales and technical support. This guarantees the best possible functionality, safety, investment value and user experience. We never leave our customers without assistance and support.

Geckram Technologies is constantly developing better GPS tracking innovations, solutions and services that are ideal for the local conditions and needs.