Geckram Technologies is the most experienced GPS tracking technology provider in the Philippines. Since 2009, Geckram has been offering the best possible GPS vehicle tracking devices and services for the private and corporate customers. Solid solutions for tracking and monitoring cars, motorcycles, fleet, trucks, busses, utility vehicles, heavy equipments and machineries.

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Nationwide Dealers and Support

Geckram Technologies provides nationwide sales and distribution network that is constantly being strengthened with the most professional regional dealers and agents. We provide reliable and professional technical and after-sale support everywhere in the Philippines.

No Monthly Fees or Hidden Costs

Geckram Technologies is the first Philippine GPS vehicle tracker provider that does not require monthly fees or have any other hidden service costs. Geckram takes care of all third party service expenses. Our customers pay only for the mobile operator fees of the data or SMS usage.

Most Suitable GPS Trackers for the Philippines

Geckram Technologies offers only GPS vehicle trackers and solutions that are tested, accredited, and most suitable for the Philippine market. In order to achieve this, we are constantly working together with the most prominent GPS tracker manufacturers.

Philippine Landmarks

Most GPS vehicle trackers from Geckram Technologies come with Philippine Landmarks. You will see the nearest local landmark, making everyday tracking easy and convenient. Updated local landmarks cover the entire Philippines from the biggest cities to the smallest islands.

Fleet Management Solutions

Geckram provides the most suitable GPS trackers for private and corporate use, fleet management, and other industrial use. We have selected the best possible GPS/GSM trackers that suit Philippine conditions and markets. We offer tracking devices with cloud based and cloud-independent solutions.

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